Featured Artists

 Tracy Lynn Davies (Owner)

Born and raised in Canada, Tracy has planted herself in beautiful Cornwall Ontario. She owns Cailuan Gallery and Studios located on the Main Street where she supports artists with classrooms, studio space and gallery shows. She works in acrylic, watercolour, mixed media, ink, encaustic and whatever else she can make a mess with!

Tracy started intuitive painting when she was 10 years old in Northern Ontario and had her first solo show at the young age of 12! And, she's been creating ever since. She loves lots of vibrant colours, drips, splatters and also more refined, precise still life work with inks and watercolour. She is interested in all things art.

Tracy finds that she has many colourful moods as an artist. Some days she will simply throw paint on the canvas and see where that will take her, working the piece until she is satisfied with what has been intuitively born before her. At other times she will painstakingly plan a piece and work to get exactly what she saw in her mind's eye.

The sky is the limit and…her sky comes in many colours!

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Kim Bauersfeld

Kim Bauersfeld is an artist of 35+ years who works mainly in acrylic and colour pencil. Her love of feminism and nature greatly influence her work. Kim has also worked as a Sexual Assault Trauma Counsellor for over 11 years and facilitates a Healing Art Group for female survivors.

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Helen And Bernard Carriere


Bernie and Helen Carrière have been practicing photographic art for more than 40 years. They had a portrait studio and wedding business in Cornwall for 12 years. They have won numerous awards in juried shows and have been published in international photo magazines, including a cover shot in Photoshop Elements magazine. Bernie has taught advanced professional photography at St. Lawrence College in Cornwall. For the last 10 years, Bernie and Helen have specialized in nature and wildlife photography.

Sadly, Bernie passed away on May 6, 2019. In his courses, he always emphasized the distinction between documentary snapshots and creating an artistic photographic image. In their own photographic pursuits, Bernie and Helen always lived by the famous advice of renowned photographer Ansel Adams: “f8 and be there.”

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Dan Burgess

Dan Burgess

Dan is a Canadian oil painter, specializing in hyper-realism. He likes to take long walks and is inspired by nature. You can gaze deeply into his paintings and see many layers and details. 

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Joan Levy Earle

Joan Levy Earle is a Canadian artist and author who has been painting for over fifty years. She has had over thirty solo exhibitions of her work across Canada, paints mostly in oils and her favourite subjects are trees and spiritual abstracts. An admirer of Emily Carr, Joan believes that the observance of nature feeds our souls and the diversity of Canada's landscape offers endless subject matter for artists.  

She has written twelve books, all of them non-fiction stories of her life experiences, five of which are still in print and available for purchase. 

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Carole Renaud

Carole Renaud

Carole has always been fascinated by images and how they are viewed through the eyes of others. Naturally, she was drawn to drawing and painting and pursued a post-secondary degree in Graphic Arts. After graduation, Carole worked a few years in Commercial Arts while pursuing her painting practice. She now devotes her full time to fine arts, always seeking new challenges to perfect her creations. 

While exploring different mediums, she mostly uses acrylic and mixed medium. Carole is a member of a few associations and galleries and participates in juried and group shows.

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Sylvie Labrecque

Sylvie Labrecque was born in Saguenay, Quebec. She holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and a certificate in Education. Creativity has been Sylvie’s preferred way of communicating and relating to the world.

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Susan Cornthwaite Grenier

Susan has always been involved in art, and from an early age was 
encouraged to be true to herself. She began with lessons organized through the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Children's Program, and continued taking
multidisciplinary courses throughout her teens.
This led to a post-secondary degree in graphic arts. The artist then worked for a number of years in the commercial field. Susan now devotes her time to fine arts by creating her own works and teaching others. Over the years this artist has worked in nearly all media. She now opts for the one she feels will best help her express her chosen subject matter.  This is an artist who's work is constantly evolving as she searches for ways to communicate to others her passion for art and creating.   

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Lynne Ayers

Lynne Ayers is a Canadian artist currently living in the southeastern counties of Ontario. Her work encompasses watercolour, pastel, acrylic, and photography. Over time and through trial and error she has developed her own approach to artistic expression. She has works in private collections as well as the Township of North Glengarry. her work is featured in several Light Space Time and Gallery Ring Juried Exhibitions over the past two years. Lynne is a founding member of the Collective d'artistes Glengarry Artists Collective.